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Hollander Architectural and SGT are now offering tempering services for specialty art glass. Our decision to enter this field came after many years of poor results in out sourcing our specialty glass to local tempering operations. The problems we encountered were many, including breakage, scratching, loss of product or untimely delays.

We therefore embarked in a two year research project, working with tempering oven consultants and glass manufacturers to find a solution to tempering glass that had been previously difficult if not impossible to temper. The first step was to identify the best tempering oven for this type of glass. The next phase involved analyzing formulas and characteristics of each type of glass with manufacturers. Finally we began running extensive tests on all of the glasses to enable us to develop individual tempering recipes that are based on specific variables of each type of glass.

We think we have succeeded in being the only temperers in North America who can consistently temper glasses such as seedy, Flashed Opal and colored art glass.

Our customers can now choose from over 100 different patterns, textures and colors for their decorative glass needs. When you buy the glass from us and have it tempered by us we guaranty the price we quote you as our final price, no longer will you will have to replace glass that is broken or lost in the tempering process.

The combination of guaranteed results and the best selection of specialty glasses anywhere make us a clear choice for your tempering needs.